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Dillidur 450V Plates

Champak Industries' is a specialist supplier and exporter of thick DILLIDUR 450V Plates wear resistant steel plates. We understand customers whose requirement for wear resistant steel plate is extreme and who cannot use thinner abrasion resistant plates.

Hard on wear, but easy to work and weld

DILLIDUR has been a fixed part of the global battle against cost-intensive wear for more than 50 years. Initial equippers and producers of wear-parts use these hardened proprietary steels with great success in many sectors, including earthmoving machinery and mining. Thanks to its decades of further development, DILLIDUR provides a unique combination of high resistance to wear and easy working and welding.

The strengths of DILLIDUR proprietary steel

• The steel composition of DILLIDUR, optimised to achieve high wear-resistance combined with pleasant working and welding, permits low preheat temperatures for welding and flame-cutting. This assures greater reserves in workshop fabrication and for on-site repairs under adverse conditions.

• DILLIDUR steels are available with hardnesses ranging from 325 to 550 Brinell to withstand maximum exposure to wear.

• Many thick-walled wear-exposed components, such as high-capacity shovels for punishing service in mines, for instance, need special resistance to cracking. The solution then is DILLIDUR IMPACT, a steel possessing verified extremely high toughness.

Steel Grade Overview

Thickness (mm) Nominal hardness Brinell Special Feature
DILLIDUR 550 10 - 51 550
DILLIDUR 500 8 - 100 50
DILLIDUR 450 8 - 100 450
DILLIDUR 400 8 - 150 (200) 400
DILLIDUR 325 L 6 - 50 325 air hardened for higher service temperature or hot forming
DILLIDUR IMPACT 40 - 150 340 with enhanced crack resistance

Material Selection

550 500 450 400 IMPACT 325 L
Abrasive Wear +++ +++ ++ + + +
Weldability - - 0 + ++ -
Cold Formability - - 0 + + --
Hot Formability - - - - 0 +
Service at elevated temperatures - - - - 0 +
Crack Resistance - - 0 + ++ -
Chip-removing Machining - - 0 + + +
Nitriding - - - - + +


Heavy plate for earthmoving machinery and mining
Many leading manufacturers of earthmoving and mining machinery, around the entire globe, put their trust in Dillinger heavy plate? Because: anyone who produces machines that reliably achieve ultra-high performance under the most adverse service conditions, day in, day out, must also be able to depend on his partners' performance.

Dillinger's strengths in earthmoving machinery and mining
• Dillinger has for decades been - and today remains - a reliable supplier of plates that dependably possess the promised internal and external quality and properties and can be easily and reliably worked and welded.

• Our customers value our supply performance and future-orientated, long-term supply partnerships, with supply logistics, support and service all jointly harmonised with their specific needs.

• We supply a broad and diverse range of plates, extending from standard grades up to and including proprietary steels such as DILLIMAX, for ultra-high loads, and DILLIDUR, for optimised wear-resistance.

• We can also meet your individual specifications – and in formats and dimensions extending from the "routine" right up to XXL – and semi-fabricated, if you wish.

Heavy plate for mechanical engineering

Heavy-duty presses, tunnel-boring machines (TBMs) and rolling-mill technology – for challenging tasks like these, you need a partner that will supply you flexibly and reliably, in perfect harmony with the needs of your specific project. This is why Dillinger is the top address for mechanical-engineering specialists when they need heavy plate.

Dillinger's strengths in mechanical engineering
• We have consistently invested in the expansion of cost-efficient production facilities for thick and large-format plate, and are continuing to extend our market lead in this field with still more investments.

• Extra heavy precision-cut plate, individual specifications, or flexibility on delivery dates – we meet your requirements dependably, making your projects more accurately calculable.

• If you wish, we can semi-fabricate your order, and supply, for example, precisely fitting cut plates.

• Our long-established customers value constant and reliable contacts at both commercial and technical level. This creates the basis for mutually confident cooperation and joint optimisation of the supply partnership.

• Our customers also appreciate our future-orientated, long-term supply partnerships, with supply logistics, support and service all jointly harmonised with their specific needs.

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