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DSQ Plate Dead Soft

High Tensile Strength DSQ Steel Plate,IS 8917 EDD GRADE, Boiler DSQ Plates Suppliers, DSQ Plates Stockists, Deep Soft Quality Plates Stockholders in Mumbai, India.

DSQ plates are being distributed by many supplier and distributors in the wide range; they are supplying these plates to satisfy various needs of the customers. The plates are highly praised for their vigorous construction, anti-corrosive and are high tolerance in nature with many other features as well. They are also made available to the people in the market leading price. These are the plates that satisfy the quality demand that is not met by the other plates.

The technology of designed transfer you in getting the best result in corrugated post printing that is said to be compared with the pre-printing; this proves that the plates are being made with the best grade. These are the plate that shore hard and also has excellent restoring behavior. Depending on the depth of the plate, the plates can easily be produced with a screen of 120lpi and a tonal range of 2-95%.

The features of these plates are very strong, the black layer that is being produced under an exclusive ashen patent. This enables them for easy handling and unexposed plate material. Due to the black mask layer, it is impossible to damage or smudge.
» The DSQ plates provide you with a damage-free black mask layer
» They also provide you with excellent reproduction
» They are provided with layer intermediate reserve depth
» Smooth tonal gradation
» They are best for outstanding ink transfer.
» Steep relief shoulders
» They provide high resistance to ozone.

The thickness of the DSQ plates ranges from, 2.84mm, 3.18, 3.94, 4.70mm, the plate is said to be very suitable for flexo ink that is based on alcohol and water. You can easily use a solvent that contains a limited amount of active solvents. These plates should be stored under the room temperature that is 5-25°C and humidity of 55%.

It is recommended that the plates should be cleaned carefully after printing. Direct exposure to sunlight, ozone and heat should be avoided. These are the plates that are made keeping in mind both the industrial, national and international standards. They are tested at every stage of manufacturing so that the best product can be produced. The material used is the best and tested as well. Full certification of the product is done so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.

There are many manufacturers of the product they are selling the product, they are incepted in the market so that it can easily cater to the basic requirement of various industries. They are trading with the product so that the customer satisfaction can be achieved. They deal with the product in very wide range; they have high dedication and motivation towards the product. They are one of the most trusted firms that have successfully grown, with wide industrial exposure and are distributed through various channels.

These DSQ plates are being packed in wooden boxes in case they need to be exported from one place to another so that there are no damages being seen at the last stage of production.

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