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2219 Aluminum Plates

Champak Industries is one of Prominent supplier 2219Aluminium Plates and Aluminium Sheet. Aluminum 2219 Plates has good machinability and good mechanical properties. Aluminum 2219 is an age-harden able copper containing alloy of aluminum.

Applications: Aluminum 2219 is typically used in high temperature, structural applications and in high strength elements.

Aluminum 2219 Specifications: UNS A92219, Aluminum 2219, 2219 Alloy, 2219 Aluminum Alloy, AA2219, AL 2219, AA 2219 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum 2219 Available Forms: 2219 Aluminum Sheet, 2219 Aluminum Plate, 2219 Aluminum Bar

2219 Aluminum Sheet, 2219 Aluminum Plate

ASTM-B-316, MIL-A-46118, MIL-A-46808, MIL-A-8920, ASTM-B-209, ASTM-B-211, ASTM-B-221 (Plate)

Temper: 2219-0, 2219-T31, 2219-T81, 2219-T37, 2219-T87

2219-T351, 2219-T851

Bare: QQ-A-250/30, AMS 4031

Clad: AMS 4094, AMS 4095, AMS 4096, DMS-1719, BMS-7-110

2219-T851 Aluminum Plate per AMS-QQ-A250/3

Typical Applications:

• Space boosters
• Fuel tanks
• High temperature structural applications in the aerospace sector

Champak Industries offer 2219 aluminium alloy in sheet and plate.

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