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Brinar 500 Plates

Champak Industries' is a specialist supplier and exporter of thick BRINAR 500 Plates wear resistant steel plates. We understand customers whose requirement for wear resistant steel plate is extreme and who cannot use thinner abrasion resistant plates.

BRINAR 500 is wear-resistant, water-quenched and tempered steel produced by the Salzgitter Group. The high strength and good possibility of further working this steel is achieved by heating the material to 900°C and then cooling it in a water-quenching plant and if necessary subjecting it to tempering heat treatment


Wearing parts made of BRINAR steels are used in mining machines.
• Stone mills
• Conveyors
• Materials handling systems

In cement works.
• Mixers,
• Screens,
• Hoppers

Also in the steel industry
• Scrap presses,
• Vibrating screens
• Crushers

BRINAR is produced in different grades

BRINAR 400/ BIRNAR 450/ BIRNAR 500 wear resistants' Plates.
BIRANR 500 produced up to a thickness of 60mm. The surface hardness at room temperature is 480 Brinell. Cold working by bending is possible provided the manufacturer's instructions are complied with. That sort can be cut thermally and welded with each standard procedure. In case of thermal cutting and welding the plate must be preheated from a thickness of 10mm.

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